The Surly, Long Haul Trucker

The Surly Long Haul Trucker with full-sized Nashbar panniers on the back. Since this photo was taken, I have added a Surly front rack as well.

This is just a quick update. I now have a new mount for my attack on finishing my ride from coast-to-coast, a Surly, Long Haul Trucker (LHT). I purchased it used from a hiking friend and it is a perfect fit.

The LHT is the perfect touring machine, especially in my case. All of my previous bicycles have never had sufficient foot room. When pedaling, my heels would always hit against the panniers shown in the photo above. On my ride coast-to-coast last summer I had to use front panniers on the back of the bicycle. They are smaller and allowed room for my size 15 (EU 50) feet. The LHT has plenty of room and now I will be able to pack even more gear next summer.

The previous Cannondale bicycle while passing through Oregon. Note the small panniers on the back, matching the front bags.

As yet, there are no firm plans for a date, but I will complete the ride next summer. I will start back in Stacy, Minnesota, where I crashed and continue on through Wisconsin, take a ferry across Lake Michigan, Michigan, Canada, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and then finish in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Yes, I will once again be carrying my amateur radio equipment and will be on the air along the way. The equipment was undamaged in the crash, I wasn’t so lucky.

I look forward to all of you following along and hope to talk to many of my ham radio friends along the way. Hopefully, the northern winter will be short and sweet…

Dennis “K1YPP” Blanchard

Author: Dennis Blanchard

Dennis Blanchard was born in Bristol, Connecticut. He and his wife Jane moved to New Hampshire in 1980 where he has climbed thirty 4000-foot mountains, biked the trails and enjoyed the wilderness. Never living very far from the Appalachian Trail, Dennis was always aware of the seductive siren’s call to hike it. Dennis is an electronics engineer who has freelanced for amateur radio, technical and motorcycle adventure magazines. He now lives in Sarasota, Florida.

5 thoughts on “The Surly, Long Haul Trucker”

  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to reading about your travels next year. Loved it so far and know that in the future we will have more great stories from you. Stay well and have a great winter preparing.

  2. Great to hear that you plan on completing the trip. We’ll be waiting to greet you as you roll into Newburyport! (and perhaps along the way)


    Al KN1O

  3. Hi Dennis!
    Mark Forbes here, your Corvallis host. Had another bike traveler to stay last night and he’s doing the same route. I’ve pointed him to your blog and he may be in touch for info on the road ahead. Glad to see you’ve recovered from the crash and are planning to continue.


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